Meet your dealership’s new virtual front desk.

Introduce your customers to a seamless communication experience where modern technology meets traditional customer service with our Virtual Receptionist, tailored to echo the professionalism and warmth of your dealership. Choose between AI or human-powered reception (or both!) to match your brand, ensuring each interaction is as unique and personable as the last.

👥 Virtual Receptionist
AI or Human-Powered

What's it do? 🧐

🤝 Real-Time Reception: Deliver a warm, professional greeting with every call, ensuring your customers feel valued right from the start.

🖥️ Seamless Integration: Integrate smoothly with your existing systems for a hassle-free setup and operation, ensuring every call is handled efficiently.

👥 Human Touch, AI Efficiency: Have the flexibility to offer a personal touch with human receptionists or leverage AI efficiency to manage high call volumes.

📈 Performance Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your call handling with comprehensive analytics, helping to continually refine and improve your reception services.

Pricing 💵

Receptionist services begin at $399/mo with a fully featured cloud-based phone IVR.  Add-on human receptionists to take messages and route calls to the right department, and only pay for the minutes you use, as low as $1.99/min.  

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